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Follmi Treks & Tours, Ladakh Tour, Ladakh Trekking Packages
Follmi Treks & Tours, Ladakh Tour, Ladakh Trekking Packages
Lamayuru to Darcha Trek
Follmi Treks & Tours, Ladakh Tour, Ladakh Trekking Packages
The most beautiful and longest trek in Zanskar for around 20-25 days it starts from famous and oldest monastery of Lamayuru and finishes at Darcha in Himachal Pradesh .The first half of the trek is tough but you passed through the wonderful landscape, remote villages of Lingshed and Fotoksar. You can also do this trek in 10 days finishing at Padum in Zanskar. 
Grade: Tough 
Best period: June to Mid October

Day 1: Leh to Lamayuru (3600m)
Lamayuru is well connected by road as it is situated on Leh-Srinager highway. If you are travelling by taxi, you can visit the monasteries of Likir ,Alchi and Rezong . Overnight at Lamayuru.
Day 2: Lamayuru to Wanla (3250m) (Duration 3 hrs.)
On your first day trekking, you will trek through moderately easy trails. Today's trekking route is steady till Prinkit La (3700m) but after the village Shilla, suddenly path becomes narrow and dry. Overnight at Wanla.
Day 3: Wanla to Hanupatta (3970m) (Duration 5-6 hrs.)
The trek starts beautifully as you trek through a canyon. An early start is recommended due to the intense heat and no available shade. During this 5hrs trekking; at first you will cross a flat section. Then you will trail along the right bank of Phenjilla .Overnight at camp.
Day 4: Hannupatta to Fotoksar (4050m) (Duration 6-7 hrs.)
This day will involve a pass, Sirsir La (4805m) that is a long and gentle climb. Be careful, the trail is quite steep and has loose sand .Continue following the trail and eventually you will be in Fotoksar. Fotoksar is perched on the bank of an amazing river, with fields lining both sides of the river.
Day 5: Fotoksar to Sengge La (4300m) (Duration 5-6 hrs.)
Easy day with a river crossing which will probably get your feet wet. From Fotoksar, you will rise to Bumiktse La 4200m. First then you will enjoy an easy descend to the adjacent lush dale which lead you to the foot of Sengge La .
Day 6: Sengge La to Styangs
Easy day with a gentle climb of the pass with fairly long descends. You will pass the base camp, which is used when hiking is the opposite direction. continue trekking and you will reach Styangs which is little better, here there is a small amount of grass, and a small spring to get water from.
Day 7: Styang to Lingshed (3950m) (Duration 5-6 hrs.)
Early start is recommended to beat the extreme heat .From the campsite it is a gentle ascend to a steep descend which zigzags its way down to the river. Once across, it ascend back up the other side of the valley .You steadily climb up towards chorten , which is great for a break . From here it continues to climb to the pass, Morgon La 4100m .From the pass it is a gentle descend into Linshed .camp at Lingshed .
Day 8: Lingshed to Nyertse (3800m) (Duration 7-8 hrs.)
Hanumula Pass 4700m takes about 3 hrs to climb. There is no water until 45minutes down the other side of the pass. From the top it is a beautiful descend, gradually along a dried up creek and into a canyon which has water. This region is quite lush with plenty of small trees. Campat Nyertse.
Day 9: Nyertse to Pishu(3500m) (Duration 6-7 hrs.)
Leaving Nyertse , there is a gentle short up with an immediate descend to a river. Once crossed the bridge you begin to climb a pass, Parfi La (3900m). This pass takes approximately 1 hour to climb and the descend is gentle and spectacular as you hike overlooking the Zanskar River camp at pishu.
Day 10: Pishu to Karsha (3600m) (Duration 4-5 hrs.)
After a a night in pishu , you will trek 5hrs for your next destination Karsha. Enroute cross rinam village. Trek along the banks of the Zanskar river to reach Karsha. Karsha is a beautiful village with a fairly large monastery and nunnery .Overnight at Karsha .
Day 11: Karsha to Padum (3610m) (Duration 2 hrs.)
Padum is about two hour walk from Karsha. An early start would avoid the strong winds. Padum has become the major center for the Zanskar area government building and military base. Night at Padum.
Day 12: Padum to Raru (3800m) (Duration 5-6 hrs.)
From Padum it’s a second part of the trek, here you enter Lungnak valley which is easier then the first part of the trek. This day you will walk along the Lungnak River passing through Bardan Monastery and Mune villages.
Day 13: Raru to Pepula (3750m) (Duration 5 hrs.)
This day is easy as you have walk along the river Pepula . Some impressive villages, namely Ichar and Dorzang come on the way.
Day 14: Pepula to Purne 3750m
Start your trek from the Lungnak gorge through a long ascend to the village at Tsetang , Surle above the trail Kailbok, you will cross and amazing gorge with narrow trail just before reaching Tsetang , The sheer descend of the trail takes you to Kargyak River. camp at Purne .
Day 15: Purne to Phugtal (3900m) (Duration 5 hrs.)
Trek up towards Phugtal monastery from the left of the bank of the river around two hours. The monastery spectacularly nestles on the rock cliff with a large cave which existed before the monastery was founded by Changsem Sheshrab Zangpo. There is way going beyond the monastery upto the mountain, which leads you to Stongday after crossing a pass. After visiting the monastery walk back to camp at purne .
Day 16: Purne to Kargyak or Hing (4000m) (Duration 6-7 hrs.)
Cross the river through same bridge and clmb upto Yal village. Keep walking southward and the way will lead you to Kargyak village.
Day 17: Kargyak to Lhakhang (4450m) (Duration 6-7 hrs.)
Today you will start climbing Skinkun La through a slow ascend .The view from these areas is spectacular .The Kargyak River becomes merely a stream. Gonbo Rangjon on the left.
Day 18: Lhakhang to Ranjak via Shingkunla (4300m) (Duration 6-7 hrs.)
Today you will start climb to ShingkunLa pass through steep ascend .From here it takes three hours to reach at the top crossing glaciers. You have spectacular view of the peaks and mountains from the top. The steep descend takes you to Ranjak through Chumik Nakpo .
Day 19: Ranjak to Palhamo (3700m) (Duration 5-6 hrs.)
It is an easy day walking. The trails leads you to the Barai River through an easy descend for an hour . The walk from here to Palhamo is not very rough but there are many small ups and downs throughout.
Day 20: Pal Lhamo to Darcha Sumdo (3300m) (Duration 6-7 hrs.)
Cross the river and the trail leads through a gentle ascend to the Chika village , the first village on the Himachal side .Here you reach the road head which takes you to Darcha Sumdo via Rarik village. From here your Lamayuru–Darcha trek is finished . Transfer to Manali by car .
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