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Follmi Treks & Tours, Ladakh Tour, Ladakh Trekking Packages
Follmi Treks & Tours, Ladakh Tour, Ladakh Trekking Packages
Zanskar Valley
Follmi Treks & Tours, Ladakh Tour, Ladakh Trekking Packages
Zanskar ValleyZanskar Valley lies to the south – west of Leh surrounded by the Himalayan and Zanskar Ranges ,which is the most Isolated of all the trans – Himalayan valleys, It takes two days , with a night halt at Kargil , to reach Zanskar negotiating the rough road.

Zanskar comprises two main valleys of Stod and Lungnak (Tserab Chu), which converge below at Padum. All the high passes gets closed in winters due to heavy snowfall in this region, The only alternate route out of Zanskar in winter is the frozen Zanskar river which has become a popular destiny for winter tourist hikers. It is nearly week long walk on frozen river from Zanskar to reach to Leh. This is popular as Chadar trek.

Many ancient monastic establishments are still actively involved in religious activities. Some remote caves here are believed to have been used by the succession of Buddhist saints to sustain meditation pursuit, of knowledge and enlightenment.

KarshaThe Karsha monastery stands majestically on a steep mountain overlooking the Padum valley. It is around 10km from Padum across the river. Karsha gonpa was founded by a translator Phagspa Sherab from Zanskar and later improved by Dorjay Sherab and Sherab Zangpo of Stod . At present it is the largest Gelugpa School of monastery in Zanskar.
Zongkhul MonasteryIt was founded by Maha Siddha Naropa , who meditated here in a cave above the monastery . It remained meditation centre for many years. The footprints of Naropa can be seen in the caves even today. Around a thousand year old, the monastery has 25-30 monks in residence.
stongdeyStongdey Monastery is renowned as having been founded by Lama Marpa ans its name is also Marpaling . Later Shakya Zangpo of stongdee caused it to flourish. Lama Gyaltsanpa Ludub Palzangpo introduced there are the order of Tsongkapa . There are many kinds of most beautiful shrines and wall paintings to be seen there. About 60 monks are in residence and every year sacred dances are performed in conjunction with the festival of Gustor which takes place on the 28th and 29th days of the 11th Tibetan month. The successive reincarnation of Nari Tulku acts as the incumbent. It seems about 1000 years have gone by since the monastery was founded.
phugtalPhugtal was founded in ancient times by Phagspa Shesrab , the translator of Zanskar. It was the teacher Dorje Rinchen who caused it to flourish and the boddhisatva Sheshrab Zangpo who introduced there the order of the Ribo Gadenpa. It is about 550 years old. Since the monastery is built inside a huge cave its name Phugtal (through cave) is said to derive from this. There are many sacred relics and shrines to be seen within.The Phugtal festivals takes place on 18th and 19th days of the 12th month of the Tibetan calendar.
Bardan Monastery is situated at eight miles distance from the capitals of Zanskar .It was founded by the Boddhisattva Deba Gyatso.The principal image is a Gandhara statue of the Buddha Maitrya, two feet in height which is said to have spoken . It is explained that it came in ancient time from Kashmir. The successive reincarnations of the Stakna Tulku act as the incumbents.
Rangdum Monastery was founded about 260 years ago by Lobzang Gelegs Yeshes Graagspa Naristsang during the lifetime of Dharamraja Tsewang Namgyal . It is the foremost of seven branch monastery attached to Naristang Monastery .About 40 monks are in residence .The successive incarnation of Naris Tulku acts as the incumbents
Sani Monastery is about six km. From padum. It is believed that Guru Padmasambhava, who spread Buddhism in Tibet in the 7th century, is said to have visited Sani and meditated for severaals years. Naropa also visited Sani and practiced meditation for many years. Sani Nasjal (Monastic festival) is celebrated between 15th and 20th day of the sixth month of Tibetan calendar.There can be seen there a cemetery ground with cemetery trees and cemetery springsand also a footprints of Guru Nima Odzer. In Sani there is also the great stupa of Kanishaka and the sacred image of aNaropa which can be seen on the days of the pilgrimage to Sani. There is also a custom of dancing and singing at this time. Within the castle there can be seen the most beautiful wall paintings which were executed by Zadpa Dorjy.
Follmi Treks & Tours, Ladakh Tour, Ladakh Trekking Packages
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